International Internet of Things Day Rotterdam 2015

For the fourth year, International Internet of Things Day Rotterdam is here to to explore the concept of IoT and to discuss and rethink it’s implications for people and society. We invite citizens, governments, companies, designers, hackers, makers, artists, innovators, urbanists, students, lecturers, and researchers to participate in activities this day. IoT gained attention from companies and governments for innovations such as improved customer services based on big data, or urban developments towards smart cities. Technology and data will merge with physical objects and structures in the city and alter our city experience. In every domain, whether that is healthcare, waste management, shopping, public transport or education and social life, IoT will change what we do and how we think. How is all of that of real meaning for people in the city?

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The Internet as we know it today only exists for some 25 years. After its first developments it was Mark Weiser, together with John Seely Brown, who in 1996 wrote his famous text: ‘the Coming age of Calm Computing’. Here he predicted the ubiquitous computing; i.e., computers would be embedded in our environment and act without our interference. In 1999 Kevin Ashton coined the term Internet of Things; the connection between objects and the internet. Now, only 16 years later, the discussion around the IoT becomes widely spread. More and more organisations try to focus on relevant issues, think-tanks try to focus on its relevance, companies look for business opportunities and the scientific search for answers on questions related to e.g. privacy and safety issues is extending.

The IoT is not only a business case and/or a technological development. This is about a concept which involves us all; it will have a significant influence on our daily life. It concerns us as humans in an increasingly hybrid world. It is up to us how to deal with it.

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