Organising Committee

The faces behind International Internet of Things Day Rotterdam 2015

Peter van Waart Lecturer and Researcher

Lecturer at the School of Communication, Media and Technology and researcher at Research Center Creating 010 of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (HR), PhD candidate at Delft University of Technology (TU Delft). Peter is trained as a teacher in arts and as an educational researcher. His research focus is on human values as driver for people’s experiences with technology. He currently explores the possibilities of participatory prototyping for envisioning desirable future cities. He is one of the initiators of Rotterdam Open Data and developed the minor Urban Interaction Design (UrbanIxD, formerly known as Experience Design for the Internet of Things). To enforce the involvement of citizens in the design of IoT applications in cities, he initiated the urban neighborhood lab ‘Smart Popup’. Peter is also a member of Council, the international think-tank for the Internet of Things.

Justien Marseille Researcher

Ever since graduating (University of Amsterdam, 1993) Justien Marseille has researched possible futures. Her focus is on paradigm shifts in economic, political and social beliefs. It is her wish to understand and explain why some things (or people) are valued differently at some places (or some times) than other things (or people). In 1999, after five years of trend research in advertising and concept development, she founded ‘The Future Institute’, an attitude more than a company, to inspire and advice public and private organisations on how to act on weak signals for change. In 2012 Marseille joined Creating 010, a research department of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences to work with students on solutions for possible futures.

Jan Kroon Lecturer

Jan Kroon received a PhD in computer science from Bern University in Switzerland. He worked for KPN Research, the European Telecommunications Standard Institute, Planet Internet, KPN Hotspots, and KPN Business Market. In 2010 he started his own company Real Thinks – an App Studio. Two successful apps published by Real Thinks are ‘FigureRunning’, a free fun run app, that is downloaded more than a million times in more than 120 countries, and ‘Oefen App Hersenletsel’ an app that helps people to rehabilitate after a stroke. Oefen App is one of the best selling medical apps in the Netherlands. Since 2014 Jan Kroon also teaches Computer Science and Software Engineering at Hogeschool Rotterdam.

Peter Troxler Research Professor

Peter Troxler is a Research Professor on the Revolution in Manufacturing at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands. His field of research is the impact of readily available direct digital manufacturing technologies and the design and manufacturing practice of “fabbers” and “makers” on the creative and manufacturing industries, and the emergence of networked co-operation paradigms and business models based open source principles – such as Open Design and Open Source Hardware.

Peter is an industrial engineer by training (PhD 1999 from ETH Zurich). He worked in factory automation, attaching robots and automatic tool-changers to CNC milling machines before pursuing his career as a business consultant in Switzerland and later as a research manager in knowledge technologies and knowledge management at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK.

Iskander Smit Strategy Director

Strategy director, one of the oldest online agency in the Netherlands. Responsible for where we look into the near future by executing research projects. Thinking of the consequences of the online – post digital – context on our life. Sharing visions on impulsed shaped services, exploding online ecosystems and virtual warmth services. Eager for the age of curiosity.

Special interest in the development of the possibilities of the connected context as member of Council Internet of Things. Exploring Google Glass and wearable technologies. Also responsible for the expert group on Future Touchpoints in the program in 2013. Co-founder of the Behavior Design AMS meetup series. Initiator and co-organiser of ThingsConAMS.

Regularly sharing ideas in presentations. Check slideshare for past presentations. I blog on, and, and occasionally on Frankwatching, Marketingfacts.