Predictive Analysis

Predictive analysis, the analysis of (large amounts) of data to forecast and predict is seen as a valuable contribution in the gap between the two extremes in trend research. On one site of the continuum the rationalists trust on the past, predict on ceteris paribus “with all other stay the same” conditions. On the opposite site of the continuum we find the purely intuitive trendwatchers, who ‘feel’ trends, shifts and translations by observing early signs, hand-picked, and -often unconscious knowledge- on human behaviour.

Between these extremes a new domain now emerges, a field in which data crunchers, visualisers, economists and group behaviour scientists work on developing knowledge on the predictable future.

Taking part in the Internet of Things day, Justien Marseille hosts an expert meeting. During this full day program we will experience the laws of diffusion, experiment with the visualization of Rotterdam gossips and rumours. We will even try to predict what will be hot, and -what will be not- in the future. We will research the upcoming topics, explore patterns and we might even predict some future.