Internet of Things: potentials and challenges

Internet is regarded as a key enabler of smart environments. These environments, including human beings, are being equipped with a growing number of devices with sensing capabilities. These devices generate an enormous amount of data from various types. Various stakeholders are eager to take full advantage of these data by exploiting the data in applications that ease our daily lives and provide insight in many phenomena in our society.

The surge of many (recommender) apps today is an example of the former, while using devices that measure our body features to understand our (collective) behaviours is an example of the latter. Hereto, the field of data analytics is being extended in different directions, which are not necessarily divergent. However, the use of data analytics is not straightforward in practice, as it raises several challenges and issues to deal with (like privacy, data quality, and interpretation and applicability of the results). In this presentation, we discuss the potentials and challenges raised by the application of data analytics in IoT (Internet of Things) and how to face these challenges.