The Things Network & City of Things, Part 1: Applications of IoT in Urban Life

Apart from the many opportunities IoT offers for businessess and industries, IoT promises exciting new perspectives for cities and it’s inhabitants as well. In this workshop we will put our heads together to come up with solutions and services for every day urban life: ideas that help us personally in our day to day lives.

Perhaps you want equip your racing bike with a motion sensor that alerts you if it’s being triggered when it should be safely standing in the shed. Or if you want to take it a step further: you may be worried about the air quality in your neighbourhood. It’s only a matter of time before such sensors are plug and play and available off the shelf, empowering people with the ability to gather data and insights.
IoT requires connectivity and in this workshop we will focus on LoRa. LoRa allows for tiny packages of data or commands to be sent over long distance, in a very battery efficient manner and without the use of the internet.

Rotterdam already has such a network, set up by The Things Network 010. is a community that works on realizing an open and freely accessible LoRa-network for the city and port of Rotterdam, aiming to unleash the innovative potential LoRa and IoT has to offer.
If you’re wondering what IoT can do for you in your daily life and are happy to share your ideas about it, come join this workshop! You’ll be quickly brought up to speed on the TTN010 LoRa network and then we dive into how the internet of things may help you.
This is the first part of the combined workshop of The Things Network and City of Things.